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The Cyber Chapter of the ALA

The Association of Legal Administrators is an international professional organization based in Lincolnshire, Illinois. As the first chapter of its kind, the Cyber Chapter exists as a “virtual” online chapter of the Association of Legal Administrators (ALA).

Our Goal

We offer all ALA members a collaborative venue for the examination of developments and trends in technology and in management philosophies and practices. We support our chapter members to be comfortable with the appropriate incorporation of relevant technologies for personal and professional growth. Learn more about Our Mission.

2024 Business Partners

Ivionics, LLC

IA Interior Architects

SurePoint Technologies

R.L. Barclay & Associates

My membership in the Cyber Chapter has been a source of both great information and great friendship. Social networking? You bet; but way more helpful, thought-provoking, and useful than any others I belong to.
— Memphis, Tennessee
Testimonial from Memphis, Tennessee
One of my favorite things about this chapter is the diverse, insightful, and respectful opinions shared. I learn so much, even though I don’t post often.
— Portland, Oregon
Testimonial from Portland, Oregon
I don’t belong to a land-based chapter as Cyber Chapter fulfills all of my needs and gives the opportunity to pose questions or “chat” when it is convenient for me rather than trying to find the right time to call or lunch with someone local to get an answer to any question.
— Somers, Connecticut
Testimonial from Somers, Connecticut

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