Our Mission

Purpose and Goals of the Cyber Chapter

The Cyber Chapter exists as a “virtual” or online chapter of the Association of Legal Administrators (ALA). The ALA is an international professional association based in Lincolnshire, Illinois.

The Cyber Chapter’s mission is four-fold.

  1. First, to provide educational programs and networking opportunities to our members, taking advantage of a virtual chapter’s ability to transcend time and space. The chapter’s interests are not confined to issues related to technology, but run the entire gamut of questions relevant to the management of private law firms and corporate legal departments.
  2. Second, to serve as the primary chapter affiliation for those ALA members whose geographical location makes membership in a physical chapter impractical, or as an alternative (supplementary) chapter for those ALA members who find that their local chapters do not meet all of their networking and educational needs. Unlike ALA affinity groups, special interest groups, and caucuses, membership in the Cyber Chapter is open to all ALA members.
  3. Third, to offer peer-to-peer assistance to individual ALA members, to other ALA chapters, and to Region management teams who wish to take advantage of new technologiesespecially the Internet and the World Wide Webin order to strengthen their networking or communications among members.
  4. Last, to explore with a critical eye the myriad opportunities and challenges that the legal profession confronts and will continue to confront as a result of accelerating technological innovations.

The goals of the Cyber Chapter are simple but dynamic.

  • To offer all ALA members a collaborative venue for examination of developments and trends in technology and in management philosophies and practices.
  • To make all chapter members comfortable with the appropriate incorporation of relevant technologies for personal and professional growth.