Business Partner Sponsorship Program

The Cyber Chapter, as the only virtual online Chapter of the Association of Legal Administrators, has adopted an innovative approach to business partnering.

Because your company is a current, past, or future supplier of goods and services to one or more of the law firms associated with members of the Cyber Chapter of the Association of Legal Administrators, we are pleased to offer you the opportunity to participate in our Business Partner Sponsorship Program. This exciting program is designed to enhance our relationships with businesses that provide products and services to our members’ firms. Business Partners assist the Chapter by providing educational opportunities for members on our website and at our annual Chapter dinner, held at the national ALA Annual Conference & Exposition each year.

The Cyber Chapter has over 100 members and is continuing to grow worldwide. We consist of decision-makers, managers, and functional specialists, including facilities management and systems administration.

The cost for this sponsorship:

  • $550 for Full 2024 Exclusive Sponsorship
  • $350 for Full 2024 Sponsorship
  • $275 for Half of 2024 Exclusive Sponsorship (paid between July 1 and September 30)
  • $175 for Half of 2024 Sponsorship (paid between July 1 and September 30)

You may apply through our website and pay via Paypal or download and complete the Commitment Form and mail in with your check.

Remember, the earlier we receive your commitment, the closer to the top of the Business Partner Directory your information will be displayed.

We look forward to a continued and productive relationship between you, our firms, and our Chapter. We value your knowledge, participation, and commitment, and we appreciate your support in helping us succeed in achieving our mission. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Business Partner Committee at

Thank you for your serious consideration of supporting the Cyber Chapter. We value our vendor relationships for many reasons, some of which include:

  • Sponsorship enables members to attend the national ALA Annual Conference & Exposition. Without your support, the Chapter would not be in the position of being able to provide this valuable opportunity to its members.
  • Chapter members depend upon contacts in the business community to share information with its members to help us stay educated on the latest products and services available for law firms.
  • Experience and trust grow from consistent, repeated contact with our Business Partners, which allows administrators to rely on resources outside of their firms.
  • Valued Business Partner relationships bring to the administrators enhanced credibility and improved quality of management within their firms.
Sponsorship Benefits
  1. Exposure to a diverse international membership presence.
  2. Prominent visibility of Business Partner’s logo and link on:
    • Our website’s home page
    • Newsletters
  3. Inclusion in Business Partner Directory on our website.
  4. Invitation for one Business Partner representative to attend the annual Cyber Chapter dinner held at the ALA Annual National Conference & Exposition.
  5. Cyber Chapter Membership List which includes names, mailing addresses, and email addresses.*
  6. Two emails per year to our listserv wherein Business Partners can market directly to all members of the Cyber Chapter.
  7. Participation in Cyber Chapter planned virtual events and meetups.

* As a participant in this program, Business Partners agree to respect the privacy of our members’ contact information. They agree the members’ contact information is for their exclusive use and promise not to share such information with any others. They will include in all of their email correspondence a method by which our members can opt-out of future mailings.

Exclusive Level Sponsorship Benefits

Includes all basic level benefits, in addition to the following.  Limited to 4 Business Partners per year and may be limited to no longer than two consecutive years in a row.

  1. Logo placement in top position and, when possible, 20% larger than other logos, appearance in order of first come, first served for this level of sponsorship.
  2. Invitation for one representative to attend two Cyber Café Zoom meetings per year.
  3. Invitation to introduce the educational speaker during our monthly webinars.
  4. Recognition as an official sponsor of one educational webinar in event materials.
  5. Opportunity to present a webinar on an educational topic (must meet the CLM criteria). Only two to five minutes will be allocated for a presenter to inform attendees about their services and their company.  May be limited to one BP representative/speaker in order to stay on schedule.

The Cyber Chapter Board and Business Partner Committee reserve the right to revise this program throughout the year.  Any revisions will be communicated to all Business Partners in advance of the change.


Another opportunity is to sponsor an educational CLM webinar for the Chapter, accessible to all ALA members free of charge. Your company’s logo will be shown on flyers and on the webinar welcome page. If you are interested, please contact our Webinar Speaker Coordinator, at Here is the CLM Webinar Program Commitment Form.