Past Presidents & Life Members

Where available, individual profiles for the current and past officers are shown below.

Life Membership is an honor conferred on a limited number of individuals who have rendered extraordinary service to the chapter; no more than one individual may be so recognized by the chapter’s Board of Directors in any given year. Life members have all the rights and privileges of regular membership, but they are not required to pay dues. Those life members who are no longer employed as legal administrators and do not meet the criteria for regular membership may not hold elective or appointive office but may serve as members of committees.

Past Presidents

Morris E. Schorr (1994-1996)

Diana B. Clark (1996-1998)

Ronald M. Henry (1998-1999)

Bernadette E. Peters, CLM (1999-2001)

Carl J. Barba, Jr. (2001-2003)

Linda R. Lehmann (2003-2005)

Paul J. Sullivan (2005-2007)

Elizabeth S. Widdop (2007-2008)

Susan M. Tyree (fka Lamb) (2008-2009)

Willard E. Lee (2009-2011)

Kimberly A. Newberry (2011-2012)

Georgiana McCall (2012-2014)

Kathy Miller, CLM (2014-2015)

Robert M. Wade (2015-2016)

Michele Hovland, CLM (2016-2017)

Shahily Negron-Falcon (2017-2019)

Lisa Dasher (2019-2020)

Andrea Hill (2020-2021)

Kristie Manning, CLM (2021-2022)

Life Members

Carl Barba

Daisy Brown

Diana B. Clark

Frank Gould

Lewis A. Gray

Philip T. Hamilton

Ronald M. Henry

Michael W. Hogen

Michelle Hovland

Willard E. Lee

Linda R. Lehmann

Georgiana McCall

G. Michael McLain

Christie McLeod

Kathy Miller, CLM

Kimberly A. Newberry

Bernadette E. Peters, CLM

Morris E. Schorr

Paul Sullivan

Susan M. Tyree (fka Lamb)

Elizabeth "Betsy" S. Widdop