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Say It Right the First Time

TUESDAY, JUNE 20, 2023 2:00 P.M.—3:00 P.M. EST

How often do you fall short when trying to clearly, convincingly, and confidently get your message across “in the moment” – such as when are in a meeting with a client, on the phone with a colleague, at your desk, during a chance encounter, or in any other situation where you want and need to be at your most articulate? This session will teach you a set of little known – but profoundly effective – tools and tips to ensure that you always express yourself with clarity and composure; even when the last thing you were expecting was to be under the spotlight. Get ready to become more organized, compelling, and confident when you communicate off the cuff – the first time, and every time!


  • Appreciate the importance of readiness and polish in daily interactions, conversations, and routine meetings for legal professional
  • Learn a strategy for responding concisely and confidently to questions in meetings, phone calls, and conversations
  • Gain experience and confidence speaking off the cuff


Cyber Chapter is pleased to present Free monthly webinars on topic pertinent to the administration of law firms. The live programs qualify you for CLM credit for the initial application or re-certification.

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CLM credit information listed on the flyers. Handouts are available during webinars. Recordings and handouts will be available later for Cyber Chapter members in their forums.

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